Pet Bandanas 

Recently we started making custom bandanas for our Labradors. They look so cute and elegant with bandanas. It is a fun way to express your personality and celebrate special occasions. We believe your dog deserves to be stylish too! We can make some for you too.  

There are some benefits to wearing a dog bandana that your canine friend will enjoy. For short-haired dogs, a bandana can help prevent sunburn. And for a nervous dog, a spritz of calming fragrance on a dog bandana can be a great way to calm your dog down.

First order done.jpg

Our bandanas are reversible, printed with different fabrics on each side. It maximizes your style options. It comes in two styles: classic tie-on bandanas and slip on collar bandana.

Xmas bandanas for labs

To order Christmas Deer Bandanas text 360-214-4314, price $5-$14.

Our bandanas are made from cotton and machine washable. It comes in two size options – large and small – to fit dogs of all sizes. The size dog bandana you choose will depend on the size of your dog as well as its closure method. For a tie-closed bandana, you will want to measure your dog’s neck and then add about 6 inches for tying. 


We still have this fabric for bandanas.

To order Pinecone Bandanas text 360-214-4314, price $5-$14.

Green plaid and snow flakes reversable.j

Tor Snowflakes Bandanas text 360-214-4314, price $5-$14.

For more options, please visit our Instagram @custom_bandanas.

Thank you for shopping local! Bandana or scarf is a perfect accessory for your pet.