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Here you have 8 items that you will need before getting your bundle of joy. We recommend you purchase these items ahead of time because once you get your pup you'll be too busy playing with him or her. Will need all these items in your hands and you'll be ready to welcome your pup to his new forever home.

1. Collar & Leash 

You need a collar the first day you get the puppy. The collar will need an ID tag with the owner's name and info. As your pup gets older, you can expect to buy several collars as your pup will outgrow them. At first, buy a shorter 4-foot leash with your puppy. Once you enroll in obedience training, you’ll use longer leashes.

2. Crates and Containment

Your new pup will need a place to stay in a confined area where you can keep a close eye out and housetrain him/her. Crates and containment are perfect for those reasons. There is a lot of different options that can be found here.

3. Dog Beds

To keep the puppy warm and cozy while he/she getting its rest,

 you need a small crate.

4. Food & Water Bowls

You need a few bowls for food and water. There are some bowls that attach to the crate and others or just plain bowls. There is a big variety to choose from.

5. Food & Treats

Don't let the pup's size fool you. They have a big appetite and a big calorie demand. A healthy diet will help them develop strong bones, healthy organs, coat, and skin.

6. Grooming Supplies

  • Blow dryer

  • Comb, Bristle brush

  • Conditioning spray

  • Cotton balls

  • Ear cleaning solution​

  • Nail clippers, Scissors

  • Slicker brush, Towels

  • Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Styptic powder

  • Toothbrush and dog toothpaste

  • Grooming table or area

7. Toys

Whether a stuffed duck, a taco, or a bunch of other chewy toys, puppies love their playthings. There are many categories for toys such as chewy toys, hard rubber toys, plush toys, fetching toys, tug toys and critical thinking toys. 

8. ID Tags

Get a personalized dog tag for your new pup with all the necessary information on it such as his/her name, your name, and your contact info

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