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Our Adult Dogs

Meet our beautiful Labrador Retrievers. These are our labs that we are breeding. They are NOT FOR SALE! If you are looking to buy a puppy, please click here.

Our labs are friendly, outgoing, and perfect pets for any family. If you are looking for an English or American labrador retriever puppy, we have both. Labradors are addictive, if you have one, you are going to want another one.

 Our Labradors are pure breed AKC registered, champion bloodlines, OFA for Hips and Elbows Certified. Our main goal is to raise healthy, friendly, and intelligent Labs. Puppies that we raised have been used for service or great family pets. We love the looks and temperament of Labrador Retrievers who are calm, docile, and outgoing.

North Star Prince is an English Labrador Retriever. Prince is a wonderful representative of this breed. He has champions in his bloodline. Prince is an energetic and outgoing male, gets along with dogs, and loves children. 

Casper Gift of God is an English Labrador Retriever. Casper is a very smart boy. He has a great look and a nice personality. Casper is calm, docile, and outgoing. Champion bloodline.

HomeofLabradors Foxy Nora is our new addition. She is the daughter of Dixie and Prince. Foxy has a bright appearance and a fabulous personality. Foxy is sweet, intelligent, enthusiastic, and loyal. She gets along well with other pets and children.

Home of Labradors Roxy is AKC registered beautiful lab. She was born and raised in our home. She loves attention like her mom Dixie and is as playful as her dad Prince. 

English labrador retriever
Black Labrador Retriever.jpg
Black Labrador Retriever.jpg
black Labrador retriever

Home of Labradors Gloria Gretta is our mellow girl. She was born and raised in our home. Gretta is the daughter of North Star Prince and Gloria. She is an obedient, smart, and friendly female. We are very excited to have her in our breeding program.

Home of Labradors Gloria Gracie is a sweet-natured, intelligent, enthusiastic, and loyal girl. She loves playing in the garden, splashing in the water, and exploring.