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Testimonies - Read what our customers have to say

I got my lab from Home of Labradors 4 years ago and just wanted to say, she is an absolute joy. She is the best dog I ever owned. She is never barked once. She never do anything naughty. Our dog is totally willing to let all kids mess with her. She is truly a gem! So, thank you Julia.                                                                                                                                                          Paige W.

English lab_edited.jpg

Soup has always been such a funny dog.  He bowls and groans when he’s happy and it’s adorable. Doesn’t really bark just happy howling noises. He never chews anything up! We never dealt with bad behaviors like counter surfing/demand barking/destructive chewing. We’ve been able to leave him in the house uncrated since he was 1 and we don’t have to do any dog proofing. He’s naturally just a really well-behaved boy with a funny personality. He loves to fetch and will play until he physically can’t anymore. He loves to cuddle and always be by our side.

We had an extraordinary experience with Home of Labradors from every interaction, to every detail. Millie is a healthy, beautiful, and super smart lab. We recommend them to anyone looking for a perfect labrador puppy.                                                                                                                                                           Winborne M.

yellow lab.jpg

We finally decided to get a dog to complete our family. Ace, as we named him, was a surprise for my daughter's 10th birthday, and ever since he’s been home he has filled our family with joy. Ace is a beautiful black lab that is very smart and also loving. The entire experience with Julia was great, we filled out the application and she was quick to respond that she had a black lab available and we seemed like a good fit. We live in Andrews NC and she was helpful enough to meet me halfway from where she was to bring Ace to us. We couldn’t be happier with our Ace.

                                                                                         Sean S.

Freda is a perfect angel. She is doing extremely well and is a very solid dog. I put a dog door in the laundry room and she had that figured out in about 10 seconds. She goes in and out whenever she wants. I couldn't be any happier with her. She loves to play. At any time I'm putting on my shoes, she'll pick up one of her toys and run into my legs ready to join me. I want to thank you Julia again. It has been a pleasure dealing with you, and if I know anyone that is wanting to get a Lab, I will send them to Home of Labradors. 

                                                                                         John M.

English yellow labrador retriever puppy Seattle Washington

The new member of our family, Kiwi, is playful, bright, calm and well adjusted. Being hand-raised by Julie and her family really makes a difference. it's not just luck when you get a good dog.  

                                                                            Steve & Robin A. 

"My husband and I were in search of the perfect addition to our family. He wanted a lab that would be a great hunter and companion and I wanted one that would be a good protector and a cuddly friend. We found Home of the Labradors and met our pup. From our first visit, we knew he was the dog for us. Julia was extremely helpful in answering all of our questions and following up with us to make sure he was a good fit for our family. Sirius is healthy, strong, energetic and already a beloved part of our family!

                                                                                      Janell R 


"For over two months my family was on the lookout for a puppy to be a companion to our rescue dog. I  finally discovered Julia and Home of Labradors on Instagram.  I contacted her and got to go pick our puppy that night. We found Julia to be very friendly, professional, and easy to work with. Our Jax is a perfectly healthy puppy who is an amazing new member of our family. I would highly recommend Home of the Labrador."    

                                                                                          Shelly S. 

"I have had Huck for a month now and he has brought so much joy to my home. He is such a goofy, friendly character and absolutely loves kids. He's playful and energetic, yet easy going. Aside from being drop-dead gorgeous with a perfect head, he is proving to be very smart and trainable. Huck is already learning his first tricks, retrieving and swimming, as well as doing great with crate training. He loves other dogs and has no intimidation factor when it comes to playing with the big boys. Everyone who meets him is instantly in love.

                                                                                   Kylie T. 

Grown Labrador Dog with Kylie
Black Labrador Dog on a Boat

Since we were unable to locate the breeder we had dealt with 13 years ago, we did a search online and found Julia. She is very kind and obviously loves her dogs and puppies very much. It is also completely obvious that her puppies are well socialized and no doubt they get lots of attention from Julia and her family. Little Olive settled right into our home and will no doubt spend many years chasing salmon around the Columbia River with us! I wouldn’t hesitate to look Julia up again if we are ever looking for another lab puppy!

                                                                         Brian & Robbin 

"We love our Charlie. He is such a smart and energetic puppy. We are so happy to have him as a part of our family! I would definitely recommend Home of Labradors. Julia was quick to respond."

                                                                               Anna G. 

Julie breed very intelligent dogs! She and her family give their puppies constant attention and help mold them into affectionate, loving labs. Our little guy is amazing. We have Boomer for only 4 days, and he already goes outside to potty, sits, and walks on a leash. Of course, we are still practicing. Thanks, Julie! She is a quality breeder! She treats her customers with very special attention and care.

                                                                                      Scott R


My husband and I were searching for a new puppy a month after our beloved Stella passed away. We found Home of Labrador on google. I contacted Julia and she was very professional and kind. My husband and I went to look at the pups at their home. Mom and Dad were on site, happy and healthy. Julia had all paperwork, Pedigrees, and vaccinations. All the pups were happy and healthy! We chose our pup! Julia also went the extra mile and offered to watch him if we ended up going to Reno in a few weeks! I would highly recommend Home of Labradors for anyone looking for a healthy pup! 

                                                                                   Paul M 

english labrador_edited.jpg

Gloria is a great dog! Thanks for giving us a chance to love her! We couldn't ask for a nice dog. Well done and thank you again, Julie!


                                                                   Bill P, Charleston SC

We are so happy with our experience with Home of Labradors. We got to meet our puppy multiple times before bringing him home, and they provided a lot of updates. Bently our puppy is well adjusted, has a great demeanor, very smart, social, potty training has been a breeze, and he is freaking adorable. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a lab.

                                                                                 Amber K


We could not be happier with our puppy, she has such a sweet spirit! She is gentle, smart, and learning fast. Plus she is so beautiful! We are happy to have found such a great breeder so close to home. Thank you!

                                     Nathan & Natale

So thankful that I learned about Home of Labradors! After meeting a friend's lab puppy at a gathering, I knew his breeder would be the one for me. Yuliya is a diligent, experienced, and friendly breeder that made sure I was ready to make a great home for her pups. 

My Sedona is one year old, extremely smart, and easy to train. She is great with all animals and kids, active and very tame. I enjoy Sedona so much that I got a second pup from Yuliya. Lily and Sedona are perfect sisters. I highly recommend Home of Labradors to anyone who wants a perfect family companion! The only thing I would warn against these pups is to be ready to get stopped repeatedly every time you walk them. Their pretty faces and calm demeanor are mentioned several times a day. 

                                                          Jacqueline E

Repost, our girls _).jpg
Labrador Retreiever puppy, #yellowlabs

This is our pup Orange! My boyfriend and I got her from Julia in February 2019. Orange is about eight months old now. Thank you Home of Labradors for such a great puppy! We absolutely love her, she is such a joy and a great addition to our lives. We highly recommend Julia!

Jennifer & Ryan

This is Hank. He is growing fast! Julie did such a good job raising him. Hank is so healthy and well adjusted. We adore him. We definitely recommend you to work with Home of Labradors. 

black lab puppy
black labrador puppy

Olive is my first puppy and I am in love with this little girl! She has an amazing temperament and such a healthy puppy. Before we got the puppy, I was dreading potty training because we just have bark dust and cement in our back yard. When we arrived to pick out our girl, Julia greeted us with Olive and her sister, going potty on the gravel. Seriously amazing getting them used to different surfaces for going potty. With that being said, potty training was a breeze! No potty pads required! Also, we like the vitamins she recommends, get them.

Amanda M.

Jolene was a Christmas gift. She is absolutely beautiful and eager to please us. Home of Labradors has been professional and a joy to work with.

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